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Manufacturing & Trading

Decades of Experience in Nigerian Industry

Through decades of business experience in Nigeria, The Group has built considerable goodwill in the region and has been one of its largest employers. With regard to manufacturing, The Churchgate Group still retains a substantial presence.


The Churchgate Group’s competence in textiles was virtually unrivaled and once was considered Nigeria’s largest in terms of manufacturing of Cotton, Synthetic Yarn, Woven Fabrics for export plus local markets along with the manufacturing of Textile Dyestuffs.


The Churchgate Group is also a forerunner in the Hollow Glass bottling industry. The Group’s strong institutional client base is spread across beverages, brewery and pharmaceuticals.

Ocean Transport & Shipping

From freight forwarding to cargo logistics requirements, The Churchgate Group also manages and operates two floating dry docks that support repair and refurbishment of fishing trawlers and vessels up to 200 tons.