History of The Churchgate Group

Nearly 5 Decades of Excellence in Nigeria

Established in 1968, The Churchgate Group has become one of the largest and most successful conglomerates in the industrial, trading and building sectors of Nigeria and has earned a national reputation for its standards of quality. Since its inception, the privately held company has been one of the largest employers in Nigeria in a variety of business sectors and is regarded as a trusted “household” name.

Building on core strengths, goodwill and expertise, The Group has made considerable inroads into the real estate, banking and financial sectors. Currently, The Group is investing in hospitality, residential and commercial real estate and is regarded as a premier and quality developer in Nigeria.

We have also acquired core investor positions in two leading Nigerian banks and have a team of financial experts who manage and invest our own proprietary funds. We will continue to build on this foundation and view it as the beginning of an exciting journey with our efforts focused on key drivers in an emerging economy.