Leadership Bio:
Mr. B. Mahtani, Chairman

Mr. B. Mahtani – Chairman

Mr. Mahtani is the Chairman of The Churchgate Group, one of Nigeria’s foremost conglomerates. An accomplished industrialist and entrepreneur, he belongs to the exclusive group of innovative and highly motivated Nigerians tirelessly contributing towards the rapid development of Nigeria through the establishment of widely diversified industries and service companies.

A versatile and innovative businessman, Mr. Mahtani worked relentlessly toward expansion of the family business in the seventies and eighties and later assumed its control when he became the Executive Chairman of The Churchgate Group. As part of his genuine desire to contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s industrialization, he became a Nigerian citizen by naturalization and continued to steer the affairs of The Churchgate Group, nurturing it to its present conglomerate status.

Mr. Mahtani is a strong believer in the ability of Nigeria to emerge as an investment powerhouse if the vast potentials and opportunities that are available in the country are harnessed correctly. No doubt, he has achieved his objectives to some extent, but he is not resting on his oars as there are plans by The Churchgate Group to further invest in Nigeria’s development in the coming decades. Mr. Mahtani’s wide knowledge of the Nigerian economy as well as the working of the Country’s Money and Capital markets has enabled the The Churchgate Group to make sound investment decisions which have strengthened its operations.

Mr. Mahtani’s status as a foremost entrepreneur is recognized by the Nigerian Government as he has at times been invited to give useful advice on policy matters. He also contributed to the policy formulation efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria when he was appointed a member of the prestigious Vision 2010 Committee by the President, Commander-in-chief of the Federal Government of Nigeria that was given the mandate to come up with a blueprint for Nigeria’s development plans to the Year 2010. He has also been nominated as a member of vision 2020.

A committed philanthropist, he has endowed trust funds for institutions, organizations and the less privileged and supports the causes geared toward up-liftment of the society, He is also an Honourable Patron of several social and professional associations.

He is a Director of Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc. He served as the Chairman of the Board Credit Committee for over 20 years of the erstwhile Chartered Bank Plc and the Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc.

Mr. Vinay Mahtani, GMD/CEO

Mr. Vinay Mahtani – GMD/CEO

Vinay Mahtani is the Chief Executive Officer of the Churchgate Group. He had his initial education at Eton College, England and proceeded to graduate from Tufts University in Boston, USA from where he earned a bachelor's degree, majoring in International Relations with concentration in Economics and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

After graduating from Tufts University, he has been spearheading the various strategic plans for Churchgate Investments Ltd, and has embarked on the development of several new projects, including the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Residences in Lagos and The World Trade Center in Abuja. He has also been an architect of Churchgate's newest vertically integrated division, Churchgate Construction Ltd.

In August 2011, he completed an ascent of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, in order to raise funds for the construction of a new home for the children of Eruobodo House orphanage. Vinay Mahtani is deeply committed to the development of Nigeria, and over the course of his career he has intentions to make a wider impact throughout the country.


Enhancing Nigeria. Enhancing life.

With over half a century invested in Nigeria, the Mahtani family is firmly committed to championing and supporting the economic destiny of the country. Since 1968, when the patriarch of the Mahtani family first arrived to establish a trading venture, the success of The Churchgate Group has been inextricably linked to the fortunes of Nigeria. Today, the third generation is becoming a driving force behind the development of real estate and working closely with both government and business sectors to build upon The Group’s foundation for future success.

The Mahtani family core principles are clear:
Treat employees and vendor partners with respect, humility and understanding. Above all, listen.

Strive to be ambitious yet thoughtful while maintaining a keen view to market and holding fast to disciplined strategic plans.

Give back to the community and seek excellence from everyone you meet along the way.

For nearly 5 decades, these principles have guided the leadership of The Churchgate Group. With good fortune and plenty of planning, we fully expect the coming 50 years to bring more of the same.